Engineering consultants Movares and rail infrastructure provider ProRail have developed an interlocking that avoids using the specialized computers from such suppliers as Siemens, Alstom or Bombardier. ProRail has now approved PLC Interlocking (known as Eurolocking outside the Netherlands) for use throughout the Netherlands, paving the way for worldwide utilization of the system.

Movares looked at what was available outside the railway world. It transpired that programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which are also used in process industries and on drilling rigs, are ideal for railway interlockings. Not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. Movares has calculated that it is possible to achieve lifecycle cost savings of over 30%. Movares and ProRail drew up a set of rules for the writing of interlocking applications that would run on PLCs. The system can also be configured to work with ERTMS. This is a new platform, on which new developments can be built.


From: Technisch Weekblad, 2013-02-01

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