A new Eurolocking is commissioned at the Beverwijk railway yard. Eurolocking is a SIL4 interlocking that ensures the safety of rail traffic for mainline applications. As it is an open system, rail infrastructure providers are able to make adjustments and perform maintenance themselves. This open philosophy reduces Life Cycle Costs.

Replacement operation
On railway yard Beverwijk the old interlocking, cabling and outside elements like point machines, ATP, signals and track circuits have been replaced. Around the station of Beverwijk, 25 point machines and 22 signals are now controlled by the new Eurolocking installation. Special care was necessary for the connection to the Tunnel Technical Installations of the Velsertunnel. Furthermore a custom made interface was designed to connect to the interlocking of the steel mills of Tata Steel.

6 April 2015 a new Eurolocking installation was successfully commissioned at Beverwijk in the Netherlands. Prior to the out of service weekend the interlocking was pretested off site to optimize downtime. During the weekend a team of over 150 engineers and testers removed the existing relay interlocking, replaced all signals, point machines and track circuits over a time span of 34 hours. A total of 850 new connections to outside elements were made. During the final 16 hours the new interlocking and outside elements were tested and at 5.25h in the morning train service was resumed as scheduled.

Movares launched the Eurolocking concept in 2006 and worked with Dutch rail infrastructure provider ProRail to develop what is now PLC Interlocking. PLC Interlocking came into service in July 2012, at the Santpoort Noord Yard. This was the first COTS based SIL4 PLC Interlocking on a main line in the Netherlands and the first in the world. In December 2012, ProRail approved PLC Interlocking for generic use throughout the Netherlands, paving the way for worldwide utilization of the system. PLC stands for programmable logic controller.

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