PLC interlocking system reduces lifecycle costsPLC Interlocking System Reduces Life Cycle Costs
Since its commissioning, the PLC interlocking has been working reliably and without failures. The next project has already started: In 2014, Movares installed a second PLC interlocking with COTS components from HIMA for ProRail at the Beverwijk railway station. This interlocking has been in operation since April 2015.
Signal +Draht, June 2015


Opeeurolocking-Beverwijk-nr-056-480x320n PLC Interlocking: another Eurolocking Installation in Operation
A new Eurolocking is commissioned at the Beverwijk railway yard. Eurolocking is a SIL4 interlocking that ensures the safety of rail traffic for mainline applications. As it is an open system, rail infrastructure providers are able to make adjustments and perform maintenance themselves.
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RailPLC Interlocking; Reducing Life Cycle Costs of Main Line Interlockings

In cooperation with ProRail, Movares developed the railway safety system Eurolocking (PLC Interlocking). By using commercial off-the-shelf Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) the safety of the tracks can be controlled cheaper. Eurolocking is a flexible system that can be used in heavy rail and light rail applications and to control level crossings and marshalling yards in The Netherlands, and worldwide.

Signal +Draht, November 2013

MoDuRail_spooraansluitingen3Off the shelf interlockings 

ProRail and Movares have introduced a cost-effective SIL4 interlocking which uses programmable logic controllers originally developed for the chemical  industry.

Railway Gazette International, April 2013


Eurolocking 110x90 Eurolocking, now in service

“Safety first!” The motto is universal. It applies to aviation, to process industries but also – and especially – to the railways. Eurolocking is designed to ensure the safety of rail infrastructure. It prevents collisions between trains, and between trains and road vehicles.

Rail-Tech Europe Magazine, March 2013


afbeeldingAlternative railway interlocking brings small revolution

ProRail has approved Movares’ concept for a standard, inexpensive type of interlocking. The PLC Interlocking system (known as Eurolocking outside the Netherlands) can now be included in new tenders.

Cobouw, 2013-02-08

afbeeldingCheaper interlocking approved for whole of Netherlands

Engineering consultants Movares and rail infrastructure provider ProRail have developed an interlocking that avoids using the specialized computers from such suppliers as Siemens, Alstom or Bombardier.

Technisch Weekblad, 2013-02-01

afbeeldingMini-processor cuts cost of rail safety

Engineering consultancy Movares and rail infrastructure provider ProRail have developed a system that makes railway safety hundreds of millions of euro cheaper.

Cobouw, 2013-01-29

afbeeldingRailway safety just got cheaper

Keeping the railways safe will be less expensive from now on. Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail has just approved PLC Interlocking for use throughout the Netherlands. The system was (previously known as Eurolocking) was developed by Movares, in partnership with Dutch rail infrastructure provider ProRail.

Press release: Eurolocking, Movares 2013-01-28

afbeeldingNew, open railway interlocking now available

Eurolocking is now available for the Dutch rail network. Rail infrastructure provider ProRail has approved the system following extensive testing., 2013-01-22